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Dr. Cori Cooper

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A community of women who are tired of forgoing their dreams because of a diagnosis...

About Me

A community created by Dr. Cori Cooper, a pharmacist, health coach, and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, who once sacrificed her own health to juggle a demanding full-time job, a flourishing side hustle, all because she thought that's what she was "supposed to do". She bought into the mirage of what life was supposed to look like in her career.  Now she's sharing her story to help other women stop sacrificing their health, stop succumbing to diabetes, and start living their life!

Not only do you learn from her personal experience, you also get her professional expertise and almost 20 years' worth of experience in diabetes.

Why You Should Join

You have tried diet after diet, medication after medication, and yet, nothing seems to work and year after year, you are unhappy and unsatisfied with the person you’ve become.  On the surface, the weight, the anxiety, the depression, the fatigue, the infertility, all seem unrelated.  

The fact is, you don’t need another diet, you don’t need a different medication, and you definitely don’t need to give up.

I know what you're going through.  I see my clients struggle with this over and over again and I have worked with countless women who mistake fatigue, weight gain, depression, and infertility to be a single problem easily fixed by medication and weight loss. Unfortunately, the symptoms don’t improve and women are left with new diagnoses and more feelings of frustration.

No worries, this community is here to help…

This community is for women who are tired of being confused about their health and want more than an empty promise. Women who know they can control their blood sugar in a way that feels easy and actually reduces stress.

Women who want to know they are working with someone that has both the training, experience, and expertise to support the work that they do.

I’ve made this easy. All you have to do is say yes.  Done.

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